Creative Session I – 7 Sept ’10

In the first Best Scene in Town creative session students from different learning institutes from Amsterdam an d Parsons New York were teamed up for the first time in the design challenge for Picnic’ 10. In the historical environment of the Theatrum Anatomicum, students started developing concepts for the design challenge. Inspired by best practices, a quick guide through 7scenes and useful information about locative storytelling, the students grabbed paper, post-its and pencil to start sketching ideas. Results after a few hours were fruitful and most teams are on the way towards exciting concepts!

The central question how to surprise the Picnic-crowd with the most exciting mobile experience let to a wide variety of ideas. Where to start a game? How to reach the festival-grounds? What historical meaning can get connected to the game? Can visitors be teased to play a game that takes as long as the entire festival? How will visitors respond to unusual behaviour from players who are in the game?

Defining the scope of the concept is one of the most important aspects of the design process. How long can you attract a visitor? How much battery power is burned during a game? Can large physical distances become obstacles for game-players with limited time?

These questions will all be discussed and blogged so relevant answers are ready for the second creative session.

Best Scene in Town @ Picnic '10

Best Scene in Town @ Picnic '10

Best Scene in Town @ Picnic '10

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