The teampage of MINDYOURMAP! (team 2 for BSIT & PICNIC2011)

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There we are. MINDYOURMAP!

Let’s start with sharing something about our group. We’ve all met each other in Milano, where everybody came for a new adventure. Although some (especially the Dutch members)  came to Milano for the sun. In the meanwhile it became too hot and everybody sneaked out of the city. Now we all speak a little bit of Italian and have to life with the memory of great Italian lunches.

O and of course, I almost forgot. Milan is The place to be to learn a lot about design, branding and style. Above that, Italians are masters in showing basic human emotions, acts and habits! The basic inspiration comes from Italian people, always mingling on the streets, bars and other interesting places where strangers always start a chat. Magic can happen when ideas are shared. Surpising ideas are born between people who dont speak the same language. Thereby urban future is a human one to us, not focused neccesarily on bricks and morter. With this common denominator in our pockets and our diverse skills we thought it would be cool to team-up and start playing in Amsterdam.

So, nice to meet you!

Abel Korsmit, The Netherlands

Multimedia Design – Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam

BA in Communication & Interaction Design – Design Academy Eindhoven

Master in Interaction Design – Domus Academy, Milano


Catharina Burgman, The Netherlands  BA in communication aplied science- Leiden  Master in Communication science- University of Amsterdam  Foundation course Art History – University of Amsterdam

Catharina Burgman, The Netherlands

BA in communication aplied science- Leiden

Master in Communication science- University of Amsterdam

Foundation course Art History – University of Amsterdam


Janne Van Der Laan, The Net   herlands  BA in Fashion & Branding – Amsterdam Fashion Intitute  Master in Brand Management & Advertising Communication – Instituto Europeo di Design

Janne Van Der Laan, The Netherlands

BA in Fashion & Branding – Amsterdam Fashion Intitute

Master in Brand Management & Advertising Communication – Instituto Europeo di Design Milano


Leonardo Acquaviva, Italy

Istituto Europeo di Design Italy

Product designer, focused on 3D and plastic modeling



Noor Yamani, Saudi-Arabia

BS in Graphic Design – New England Institute of Art, Brookline, MA, USA

Master in Business Design – Domus Academy Milano



Rik Wagemans, Limburg

EBM programm:

Bachelor inManagement – Coventry University

Bachelor in Management – Katholieke Hogeschool Leuven

Bachelor in European Business Management – International Business Academy Kolding

Master in Business Design –Domus Academy Milano



Using a mobile phone application to create a connection, engagement and shift into real life. Mobile apps give us the opportunity to create low entry levels between people, connect to places, get new insights at any place or time and explore. The game MINDYOURMAP! is focused on PICNIC 2011. The ideal event to meet people, get knowledge of developments and share ideas. With the mobile game MINDYOURMAP! it is possible to change boundaries into options and most important; get a new map of perspectives in your mind.

The game will trigger people to meet a friction, get twisted and bring them out of balance from where they get the change to entcounter new perspectives. With the surrounding of Amsterdam and the variety off people that visit PICNIC, this game gives you the opportunity to create new maps in your mind. We aspire to make the most out of PICNIC by mingling all sorts of people in order to get synergetic effects. Mind you map while playing!

Game Mantra:

– At the market place you (=player) gather elements to build and create. Elements? Yess elements! Like wood, paper, metals, bread, fruit or meet.

– While gathering elements you meet people, the more variety of connections you have at the marketplace, the more elements you can gather and trade to become able to build

– Interact with the people on the market who will give you tips about where to find the best wood, the richest potatoes and the most beautifull strawberries.

– While gathering the elements you grow into different roles.

– The roles from low to high lever are: dead fish on the market, street dogg looking for food, buyer who pays to much, seller , the trader, canvasser, alchemist. The gypsy is the mole of the game. The gypsy can either guard you or ruin you.


The game MINDYOURMAP! is introduced by receiving the app. The app will be served with:

  1. Festival calendar & schedule as a low entry barrier.
  2. The Game: consists of a map where you can view all the people around as bubbles with different colors depending on their industry  and position background.
  3. The Contacts where you can view your connections, the elements you have,  and your role.

The player will receive MINDYOURMAP! app upon arrival by:

  1. Using the “Bump” technology
  2. Pick it up upon arrival to the festival
  3. E-mail before arrival
How a player gets started:

The moment the player enters the game. The player will be notified by color. Every player gets another colour.

By starting up the app, the player will be given the option of picking the schedule, or the game

By choosing the schedule, the person can view the speakers, the timings, brief summary of what the keynote will be about.

When entering the game,  the player will be notified that he/she is together with other people marked by their colours. They interactivly see who else is joining the game and in what role they are.


The setting: Marketplace

The map gives the players the power to get an idea off the people’s in the same area before interacting with them by looking at an ocean of different possibilities that the colors bring.

The more elements you get, the bigger and more colourful your bubble gets and the more visible you will be in the map. Therefore, you will be approached more and will be able to interact with more interesting people.

However there are moles that look small but have big powers, this gives people the excitement of trying to find them. Whoever finds the mole would get a new ring around their circle.


The Challenge:

The players have to go around and get to know the area and bump into other players. By sharing information they trade elements. On the map they gather colour rings around their dott. Players win a ring by getting information that can help answering questions or trade elements. The colours and the elements can count up to become into a new role. The role of the alchemist is the highest. If youre the alchemist, people come to you to get information cause you’re the most experienced one. This can be seen as the finish of the game or the alchemist can help other players to become an alchemist aswell. Its up to the alchemist

The goal of the game is for all the players to not make anybody an alchemist. And if somebody did became an alchemist, the players have to keep him/ her motivated to play. Here the gypsy comes in. The gypsy can fool the alchemist by asking questions (like other players do) and if the alchemist answers them correctly the alchemist loses its role.


Scenario & Prototype




Conditions to play

The conditions while playing MINDYOURMAP! are as followed:

  1. Interact in every phase. Every question has to be answered by interacting, if you want to stand a chance to improve your role
  2. Trade one of the elements. At the end of a task you win a element by answering a question
  3. You cannot ignore anyone who’s playing the game. The transaction will be followed during the game. If you ignore a question you’ll get back into a lower role.


The Schedule:

The game will be played during the PICNIC festival. It will go on as long as the festival goes on! Enough time to play and enjoy!

 The schedule will pay attention to the programm of PICNIC. When the end of PICNIC is near, the app has to be finished. But this doesnt have to mean a long farwell. All the gathered contacts will be safed in the app on the phone!



Besides a very colorful play this will hopefully lead in creating an amazing abstract art piece that is consistently changing on your smart phone.

Obviously you hopefully meet a lot of interesting people along playing the game, which you went through in this awkward reality.

That it is maybe best to create a common playing ground, instead of a winners playing ground.


MINDYOURMAP! complements:

By teaming up with people you will achieve interesting connection.

  1. Connecting with people from different background.
  2. Generate interesting conversations.
  3. Win prizes (Ask organization). (maybe the color fields printed?)
  4. Reaching our goal of using virtual network into creating real life connections.
  5. People will reach the goal and the main idea of coming to PICNIC (share).
  6. We add a small part of a solution where social media can be an incubator for real life connection rather than fakebook connection.

Potential idea:
Players start individual. As they play they can add teamplayers to there team. You are always able to switch between single player and Team.
Each player can add a piece of the final reward to the team.
ea. team one has 3 players and two pieces of reward A (2/10, two out of ten) and one piece of reward B (1/5, one out of five).


1. Implementation of festival calender.
2. Inputfield for Profile Data.
3. User profile “Bubbles” (*generated by userProfileData)
4. Define UserSpecific Tasks + Rewards. (**NewGoal)
5. Define GroupSpecific Tasks + Rewards.
6. Define Counting and Reward system.

potential ideas:
For Rewarding if possible maybe use pieces of the lectures from PICNIC. Or use pieces and topics from lecture for the Objectives and BonusItems.

*If possible to be determend.
** NewGoal is a counting system and needs a “+1 person” every time you full fil a task. ea. 1e task 1+1, 2e task 2+1, 3e task 3+1, etc…


Some off our inspiration documents:



This project is taken up by people who Are quite mobile: we more or less traveling constantly around Europe and the rest of world. This made us connect a lot though different media to connect to friends, family etc. However there is still a big missing link between the real world or a persons nearness and for example vidoeconf with skype.



However we tend to connect more than ever on all kinds of platforms, blogs, FB, LinedIns etc. All these connections almost drive you nuts. However the real interesting connections of ‘the different’ or another sub-culture don’t that easily connect to you. Another factor is that you easily ‘add’ people to your connections as a ‘friend’, but than there is mostly no real friendship or contact.




So we wanted to bring ‘real people, through simple game play’ into contact with each other, by promoting the unusual connection, this is something we as group-members also strive for.

For this project we worked in many different ways: We called each other, SMS, Skype, FB-groups, PICNIC later on, emailed ( a lot) and tried to simply talk to each other. Some members could meet real life, although some where celebrating in Milano, Noor was in Saudi Arabia visiting her massive family and the Dutch where moving from the far North of the Netherlands to the far South for some relaxation and obviously vlaai!


Our brainstorms where 90% vocal, so actually directly implemented into our concept if we liked it. Everyone had his own little notes at the place she/he was. We work when we have ideas, or time zones fit and we can switch between different backgrounds and customs into one moment of connection. Some members tend to meet in the morning, since they have to eat and celebrate at night, other wake up in the afternoon. These differences bring forward situations which are interesting to wonder about.

We hope to meet each other again in real life during PICNIC 2011!